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Automotive Diesel Mechanic

Lexington, NE Full-time
Posted on January 2, 2020


Under limited supervision, independently performs highly skilled and complex diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of multiple makes and models of heavy-duty trucks, and road construction and maintenance equipment containing multiple, computerized systems/sensors, as well as medium and lightweight vehicles, and other motorized equipment; performs related work as assigned.

Examples of Work

Diagnoses multiple, complex, and varied vehicle and equipment computer systems to determine the cause of intermittent data flow that trips computer codes; makes needed adjustments and repairs to preserve the integrity of computer systems. Researches equipment to identify function that are computerized, and the schematics of computerized systems. Interviews equipment operators to compile information about equipment operation and problems. Diagnoses complex mechanical, electrical, computer, and hydraulic problems and failures to determine the nature, extent, necessity, and cost effectiveness of repairs. Researches and studies structural and procedural schematics and manuals. Fabricates and repairs equipment and parts by using a variety of welders, welding materials, and methods to adapt incompatible parts, replace unavailable parts, secure attachments, and repair damage. Calibrates various systems on heavy-duty vehicles and equipment that distribute various materials as they pertain to road and weather conditions and allow operators to drive the vehicles and equipment safely and efficiently. Makes necessary adjustments and recommendations, as needed, and trains operators on these systems when necessary. Troubleshoots and repairs vehicles and equipment when needed. Inspects new equipment to ensure that it meets specifications; sets up new equipment to ensure it is road ready. Evaluates equipment to identify adjustments needed to accommodate auxiliary attachments, equipment, and operating systems. Installs, troubleshoots, repairs, and replaces mechanical, electrical, computer, and hydraulic system components to restore equipment to a state of safe and operational state. Maintains hydraulics systems; installs and monitors electrical systems; repairs steering systems; repairs suspension systems, brake systems, drive trains, fuel systems, and repairs/overhauls and/or replaces diesel and/or gasoline engines.

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