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Produce Clerk

Kearney, NE Full-time
Posted on January 10, 2020

Produce Clerk

If you are available to work days, evenings, weekends and holidays and can provide great customer service, please apply today!

Produce Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

In order to make sure that produce is ready and able to be sold, Produce Clerks must make sure the right items are displayed in their respective locations and priced correctly. To accomplish this, they fulfill various tasks; the most typical duties include:

Stocking Produce

Produce Clerks are responsible for stocking produce by maintaining inventory control, which requires unloading trucks, receiving and unpacking boxes and crates, code dating, price marking, stocking and restocking shelves, refrigerated sections and displays with fresh produce. Produce Clerks must remove expired, damaged or spoiled produce and ensure that sufficient inventory is out at all times. Providing Customer Service. Excellent customer service requires having knowledge of different types of produce, and distinguishing between the look, taste, price and use. Greeting clients, providing directions within the store and answering questions is a big responsibility of a Produce Clerk. Checking inventory lists or stockrooms for products not on display is another common duty. Offering knowledgeable advice to increase sales is what often distinguishes a Produce Clerk from the competition.

Handling Food

Following the store's rules for proper produce handling, while adhering to local, state and federal health regulations, is essential for a Produce Clerk. They must be able to set up and manage displays produce tasting displays or distribute produce samples.

Maintaining Equipment

Using equipment and accessories, such as knives, slicers, scales and irrigation to prepare, display and keep the food fresh and properly price-marked is typical for a Produce Clerk. This employee must be able to troubleshoot or perform light maintenance on any broken piece of equipment, or notify management of the problem in a prompt fashion. Providing General HelpAs a store employee, a Produce Clerk may be required to provide general help when necessary, such as sweeping the floors, restocking bags or running the cash register. They may also be asked to fill in for a cashier or another store employee if they are on break of unable to come to work.

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