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Posted on November 11, 2020


A satisfied, content customer who wants to come back because you served that customer well.

Essential Function:

Ringing up groceries with the use of a Scanner and a Cash Register. 
Requires knowledge and accuracy in performing customer transactions. 
Requires long periods of standing.  
Must be a minimum age of:  19 years in Nebraska; 16 years in Iowa (to scan alcohol).

Basic Functions:

1)	Follow directives of Frontend Manager, Store Director.
2)	Provide the best service possible.
3)	Maintain a friendly, professional attitude.
4)	Abide by and enforce laws regulating the sales of alcohol and tobacco.
5)	Abide by Company policies and procedures.
6)	Follow Company Safety Standards.

Specific Skills:

1)	Accuracy.
2)	Friendliness.
3)	Customer and associate relations.
4)	Knowledge of produce.
5)	Follow Cashier Policies as outlined in the Cashier Manual.
6)	Cleaning of checkstand area.
7)	Maintenance of personal hygiene (clean fingernails, overall appearance, etc.)


Safe usage, proper storage and cleaning of:
Register, Calculator, Credit Card/ATM Machine, Check Verification Equipment, Pen/Pencil, Scale, Scanner, 
Conveyor Belt, Cleaning Supplies, Various Forms.


PT - variable schedule